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Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

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Clover Hills Treatment Facility [May. 13th, 2007|10:20 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!


Recently Clover Park Memorial Hospital bought an old Victorian house on Horseshoe Drive and converted it into a psychiatric treatment facility for Sims. When Sims go into a critical Aspiration failure, or their Social is in the bright red, or they just need some time to learn how to cope with their convoluded lives, Clover Hills is here to help.
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Fortunately, no Sims have needed to move in yet. But the facility is there should they need it.
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New stuff I've made... [Jan. 23rd, 2007|08:30 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

Got some Downloadable lots for anyone interested:

  • Simville Retirement Condos - Luxury living for up to 8 senior simizens. 2-story duplexes. Rec area with gym, game room, lounge. Pool deck with hot tub and grill. Plus its very own built-in super with maxed-out Mechanical and Cleaning!
  • Shady Pines Nursing Home Assisted living facility for up to 6 senior simizens. Private rooms, rec room/cafeteria. Residential staff with high cleaning, cooking, mechanical; staff quarters upstairs. Maybe not as nice as condos, but still a good place to move in your elder sims.
  • SimFoods Supermarket - Bright, cheery supermarket with free shelf space for pre-cooked food, baked goods, flowers, etc.
  • Greener Pastures Pet Cemetery - When Whiskers has used up his last life and Spot has fetched his last stick, let your furry family members find their eternal rest here.
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Sims Sites. [Dec. 3rd, 2006|10:18 am]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

[mood |happyHappy.]
[music |Evanescence - Call Me When You're Sober]

Check out my new Sims story at Waiting for Autumn.

And by the by, does anyone have any sims2 download sites they would like to tell me about?

I need some cool stuff for some characters.



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Everyone loves chocolate. [Oct. 17th, 2006|04:24 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!
Hello everyone! Some of you may remember me from a time since past. I am sorry for the break in my pictures, but I had to deploy to the middle east and do that whole war thing. I returned two weeks ago, and I am back on Sims in full force. Here is my first post since creating an entirely new game. Enjoy!

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Chocolat by MondayCollapse )
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Starter Home [Sep. 2nd, 2006|12:28 am]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

Hello! I joined some days ago. I'm building a Victorian neighborhood in my game and here's a 2-story starter home I've made. It's a plain but spacious "workingman's cottage". I based it on an old 19th century plan I found in a book. I want the neighborhood to have lower-class housing, not just a bunch of Queen Anne mansions ;)

I don't know if anyone would care, but what the heck...

ScreenshotsCollapse )

- 2x3 lot
- Unfurnished (comes w/ phones & burglar/smoke alarms)
- $19,776
- No custom content/hacks
- 2 bed/3 bath
- Requires UNI, NL, & OFB (at least that's what the Exchange says)
- I may have used some walls/floors from Family Fun Stuff (I can't tell!) so if you don't have FFS they just won't show up.
- I used a boolprop cheat to make the stairs to the 2nd floor.

You can download it here if you like (RAR file): http://www.sendspace.com/file/7an4f4
I don't like keeping lots in the Exchange because the game won't let me edit the package file before uploading there. I like to edit the file because the game has a screwy way of including a ton of custom content that I did not even use. Anyway, enjoy!
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(no subject) [Aug. 25th, 2006|02:38 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

I've got a couple new lots available for download at the Exchange. I'll have pictures and a more detailed description when I have more time (going to see SoaP!) but at least for now you can check out the Start From Scratch Bakery and a nice 3BR, 2.5 BA home with garage.
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Gildenbragh Manor [Jul. 2nd, 2006|01:57 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

[mood |creative]

Just wanted to share my latest creation with you all :)

Cut for PicturesCollapse )

Link to Gildenbragh Manor on TheSims2.com

XPosted to 2addicted2sims2
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First post [Jun. 30th, 2006|06:12 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

Hello. I joined about a week ago, finally finished this house I want to post. It was started for a contest I was eliminated from, darn it, but I was going in a different direction than the contest is in now so I'm quite pleased I didn't have to conform to that.

Modern style, one of the few houses I didn't build from a real plan...

I have no self-control, almost 50 pics.Collapse )
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*waves* [Jun. 29th, 2006|01:50 pm]
Sims 2 architecture and interior design!

New member, hello. I've been playing Sims since forever, and house building has always been my favourite part of the game. I about died of happiness when I first explored Sims 2. I still get excited by foundations, is that sad?

Anyway, to make this on topic, I offer you Grimmauld Place (from Harry Potter). It's based off the plans seen here, slightly modified by limitations of the game and so that it would be playable (and it is playable). If anyone wants the gory details I could probably provide them given some time (I haven't got the house on this comp, I'm not at home).
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